About Us

Who are “we?” We are a Christian mother and daughter self owned business that decided to share our passion of arts and crafts with the world!

Traci- A mother of 4 kids and a Mimi/Memaw to 4 precious boys! Traci is a full time registered nurse in her every day life, but has found passion in creating beautiful pieces/art!

Emily- Traci’s daughter and a momma of 2 adorable boys (Mack and Heath!) She serves in the restaurant industry part time, but when she isn’t working/being a momma to her two youngins, you can find her crafting her time away!

MiChi Craftiques came from Traci and Emily’s “nicknames.” Since Traci is know as
“Memaw/Mimi” by her grandson’s and Emily is known as “Aunt Chichi” by her nephews, we combined the two and Michi Craftiques was born!

We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy making them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any custom ideas, the more creativity bubbles, the better!

God Bless,
Traci and Emily
Owners of MiChi Craftique’s